They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It’s the meal that gets you going in the morning and makes you able to withstand all the little hardships of life.  But what about one’s musical breakfast?  Who can provide you with the essential rock that you need for the day?

There is only one answer to that question: Hot Waffles.

Hot Waffles is two brothers, Chris and Tim Waffle. The real-life brothers’ eclectic brand of comedy folk-metal fusion is ready to take over the world.

Often called the greatest band ever to come out of Cypress California, they were formed  as an emissary of comedy rock to the world.  On television, they have appeared on the Travel Channel’s America’s Worst Driver, EXTRA and G4’s Attack of the Show.  The brothers and their music are also featured in the documentary The People vs. George Lucas. They have played in venues such as The Improv, The Ice House and The Carpenter Performing Arts Center. Hot Waffles has also performed live with Dr. Demento and has appeared on his nationally syndicated radio show. The brothers were also featured as part of the Orange County Comedy Festival.

Only one question remains; are YOU ready for Hot Waffles?

“I would also like to draw your attention to Hot Waffles, two brothers who play music that I think speaks to the souls of most geeks.  Like Jonathan Coulton, Hot Waffles sings from a geek heart in a way that is simply classic geek sarcasm comedy, and I have quickly become a fan.” –

“Hot Waffles, a comedy-rock group from Orange County, and the third band of the evening, was definitely not timid. It began its set with “We Suck Live,” ostensibly the usual opener. The song title does not speak truthfully of the band, however, evident by its crazy, energetic blend of humor and melodic noise. In the future, listen for “Salisbury Steak TV Dinner (I Love You).” – the USC Daily Trojan

“…Playing inside, though, was a funny two-piece with a charming song (very Presidents of the United Bare Naked Ladies) about kicking emo kids’ asses. “He can’t really run away,” lilted they, “because he’s wearing his sister’s pants!” So that was good.” – OC Weekly